a blessing.

a blessing
– originally uploaded by Ryanwiz.


Wow. Crazy thing, eh? It was just over a year ago…..a year ago on March 23rd, to be exact…….when Lizz walked up to me with the words, “I’ve got news.”

A year has gone by….and here we are, completely changed. And for the better. This little dude has been a joy this entire time – well, perhaps not *every* moment, but close – and we’re O, so happy to get to spend every day with him. He is such a fun little guy. So much excitement….and awe.

If only we could all enjoy the simple things as he does every day:

Like jumping around and flailing about…..Smiling uncontrollably…..Chewing on things……Drinking too much…Sucking on boobs…..

You get the point. Let’s all just take a brief moment and live as Oliver does….in the moment, and with an unfiltered disposition and hilarious facial expressiveness.


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