Okay….so I get my Charter bill yesterday and I just happen to peruse it quickly, though without *too* much thought, as I have the funds taken directly from my account, and notice something fishy….

…those bastards tried to get an extra $12 out of me. I was having NONE of that and called em up. I couldn’t understand the first guy too well, but no matter as he “accidentally” disconnected me and left me in some other department’s phone bank.

The chick who answered there was little help and after much discussion (at this point I had already given all my info THREE times) she transfered me back to the correct department.

This guy was ALSO very hard to understand….but I explained to him that my monthly bill was “guaranteed” for 12 months…and only six months had passed. He put me on hold about six times…..and eventually credited the account for $180-something for the next six months. Next I instructed the guy to fax me something to reference *in case* I have to call back……we’ll see if THAT happens.

They tried to get me for $180!, and all it took was one 23 minute phone call to get it back.

What bastard leeches……but DAMN I love their product.



  1. maggiemae2 · March 28, 2008

    what’s charter?

  2. ryanwiz · March 28, 2008

    Charter Communications. I gets me interweb and cable television from em. Delicious stuff.

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