Hey, I’m just sayin, is all….

the PHiSH, originally uploaded by Ryanwiz.

Check this out…Trey emerges with his nuts in the right place:

Would I hop on board that train again? You bet yer left nut I would. Those were heady times, my friends. Would it be the same? Of course not. Do I care? Hell no.


I push forward with dreams of an even BETTER tomorrow. PHiSH could still melt my face; a open-backed shirted hippie chick could sell me a delicious $1 grilled cheese that’s even TASTIER than any one I’ve ever had before. I could jam with new people in the lot and have even MORE fun and make even BETTER music…..much like the boys could.

Yes….I’d hop right the fuck back on, friends. Will you join me?


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