PHiSH works.

the painful wait, originally uploaded by Ryanwiz.

…and I have no idea why.

To be perfectly honest, I should have died a thousand times along what was the most delightful and often introspective “chow” line of introspection that we coined PHiSH Tour, but so what?

If what’s at issue is more intent than the end result….I’d say that we we have a cornered market.

PHiSH brought us all together. Their music made us one. And I don’t give a shit how lame that sounds. It’s 100% true. And they can deny it! They can say that they were just doing what came naturally to them and what not. Doesn’t matter.

Their music MOVED me and always will. Oversimplified as it may be “that” sound will move me until I cease to give a shit about LIFE.

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