any which way the wind blows

Is just always so damn sad when summer starts leaning toward that far end. Winter is just so LONG and cold and constrictive that anything else makes it feel like we can simply BREATHE and live another day. Spring is beautiful and refreshing and promises so many things. Fall cools us down; slows us down…we sit down and sip slowly as we try to take in and truly remember these final moments during which we were happy.

Summer, though…with it’s bikinis and sun and water and fun; beaches and blankets and campfires and fireworks. Parades and parties and backyard high-fives….Summer makes us young again. Even if all we do is stare out the window at someone clearly making better use of this beautiful day, at least there’s LIFE to be witnessed. YOUNG life; vibrant and moving very fast…..toward that inevitable end on that far side, wherever the wind takes us.

I’m gonna miss days like this…

any which way the wind blows, originally uploaded by Ryanwiz.

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