1. Zan · October 16, 2009


    Photography. Art. Perfectly timed, funny/sarcastic quips. Being a good husband. Writing. Making babies?

    And really, I don’t even know you that well. I bet Lizz could make a list that would SHAME the one above.

    Isn’t it funny how we can’t see these things in ourselves? A friend that I work out with was telling me that she recently looked over at me during class and felt a wave of jealousy over my slender/athletic build…and the thing is–I think that about HER all the time!

    So, end of story: We are all fabulous?

  2. ryanwiz · October 16, 2009

    Yer a gem, Zan…and I thank you. You are very kind…and you are right – we never see things as they really are. Especially as others see them.

    But…while there are probably things I *don’t suck at*…I want to be a *genious* at something. A prodigy.

    I want to be a Tenenbaum.

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