So What if Palin’s Hot?

You wanna know what really grinds my gears? People who think that I give a SHIT that they think their female politician of choice is prettier than any other female politician of choice. Like I give a fuck what my law makers look like. Just like with rock stars, how they look and what they create are as separate as two things can be. Folks draggin’ out images of pretty Palin and slappin’ them up next to shitty shots of Hilary like it in some way proves something, are just as stupid as anyone who thinks that Palin’s winks are indicators of her just keepin’ real, and bringin’ the home front back to the front lines. I want my policy makers to be focused on the job at hand, not the latest in skin cream. I’ll take my porn stars hot and my politicians scraggly, thankyouverymuch. /endRant>

That is, of course…unless Palin’s thinkin’ of doin porn. She’s not…is she?

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