A New Subject

On the impending birth of another little Wisniewski…
To be honest….I’m just really excited to just have a new subject to photograph. A new smile, new eyes….a new face. A whole new face I’ve never really seen before(save for the bizarre-like images produced by the 3D ultrasound), but will come to know better than most. A face that I’ll love, and a smile that’ll surely melt those blessed by it. And I get to photograph this!

Ya see, I have a bit of a problem. An addiction, really, to photography. I shoot daily…and cannot seem to stop. Everything I see lands on this malleable canvas; a single step back, a quick crop there; everything is art, everything is framed. Poor Oliver has had his portrait taken every day of his life. Some think this isn’t healthy for his psyche, others just think it’s weird. Still, some think it’s awesome…and I tend to agree with them. I had VERY few photos taken of me when I was young. My memory has always kinda sucked, so it would have been nice to have more shots…even if I hated them.

Even if you HATE a photo of yourself, you can almost always ignore it. Put it away in the album and just not look at it. In most instances, a photo that I hated years ago elicits a completely dissimilar response now. It ceases to be as cruel a judgment on how I think I looked once enough time as passed. It’s only then that I can appreciate the photo for what it really is – simply a moment in time, captured in a bottle; sent out to sea and returned to remind us of what once was, how we were, how we looked, and how we lived. One very brief moment in a giant swirling chaotic mess.

Life is just too damned fast to really take anything in. The way a branch fell crooked; the way one freckle in a thousand really lit up her face; the way the clouds dipped and swayed that day, as the storm finally passed; the joy he had on his face when he opened that one gift in twenty; the way her smile can always makes you feel. The imagery is what makes it all matter. The colors and light of everything are breathtakingly beautiful even when they’re not. I take photos simply to remember. I take photos because I have to.

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