Looking Ahead

I cannot tell you how awesome this day was. So so very fantastic. I can’t freakin wait to be up there on the beach again; feet in the sand, beer in hand….smiling faces from TWO(!) beautiful sons and one amazingly gorgeous wife. Ahhhhh….sounds great. Oh, AND it’ll be summer break = NO (mandatory) homework. Ahhhh….that sounds VERY nice.

In the meantime, we have other (closer) things to look forward to: There’s Christmas in February with Lizz’s side of the family (Mustaches? Toys?):

There’s family-sized fake naps:

We have the daily awesomeness that is Elliot learning the simplest things most of us just take for granted (that daddy’s forehead is huge, for example):

And there are SO many movies from this past year to get caught up on. Very excited for many of them. Very. Hopefully I’ll get some time to watch a few with the little ones….(and here’s to hoping that Netflix gets there shit together so that I don’t have a “very long wait” for all the damn movies I really wanna see.)

Things I’ve learned in the past week:

  • Mother Fool’s serves lattes in the same style glass we used to use for water at the Sugar River Inn.
  • Zan is slightly concerned regarding the proliferation of android vaginas. Albeit, less concerned if they isn’t purty.
  • I’m good on the phone. I hope. We shall see. Hopefully better in person. We shall see.
  • You can now buy wine in a CUBE. (The equivalent to FOUR bottles that lasts up to four weeks!)
  • It’s impossible to find a decent boombox in this town. Yes…a boombox. Remember them?
  • Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon is delicious. There, I said it.
  • Javascript validation can lead to physical headaches.
  • There are two GREAT cures for headaches. One clearly better than the other.
  • That this is going to be a crazy year.

OH….and speaking of things worth looking forward to….there’s this little thing called the LOST Season 5 Premiere tonight!!!! Best.show.ever. Seriously.


  1. roncap · February 3, 2010

    Seeing pictures of the beach make me more upset that there is snow on the ground right now here in PA. Ugh winter sucks….

    I like your list of things you learned this week, only thing I learned is that I can put salt down on my sidewalk and 3 hours later the snow will be gone without having to shovel yet again.

    • ryanwiz · February 3, 2010

      Winter IS terrible. But…I suppose it just helps us appreciate those months where we’re all tilted the other way that much more.

      Why shovel when you can salt the Earth!?

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