funny farm.

Sometimes my wife sends me the funniest little emails reporting on the constant hilarity that envelops one caged up with two young boys in an apartment all day. These two kids are VERY funny…and I think they’re beginning to catch on to that fact. Today’s hilarious moment:

Lizz writes:

“As I’m getting Elliot dressed in the living room…

Oliver: ‘I need my hat, I’m going to find my hat.’

Oliver runs off to his room.

‘Haaaaat, oh haaat, where are you hat, Hat?’


‘I found the blocks.'”



  1. roncap · December 9, 2010

    Yeah you are back. Its been awhile.

  2. Zan · December 12, 2010

    Ahem…the people demand you return to even semi-regular posting.

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