Best Albums of 2010

Like clockwork, unoriginal and completely expected….here is the first in a long line of “Best Of 2010”-ish posts documenting what I found to be most entertaining, exciting, inspiring…or, simply, least-frustratingly obnoxious.

First up…my favorite albums. This past year was big for me in that it finally sealed the deal and brought me wholly back to vinyl. I’d toyed with vinyl a bit over the years, but never had I dropped $100 at a local buy-and-sell because I’d gotten word from a local DJ. This was an altogether new thing for me….and I liked it. Before we knew it…the album collection size doubled…and we buy a SWEET 1960’s stereo console.

All is right in the musical world of the Wisniewski’s…and new vinyl have been dropping with mp3 codes for a couple years now. How sweet is that? Anyway…here we have it…my favorite albums of 2010.*

10. Pigeons – Here We Go Magic

9. This is Happening – LCD Soundsystem

8. Permalight – Rogue Wave

7. The Suburbs – Arcade Fire

6. Plastic Beach – Gorillaz

5. Contra – Vampire Weekend

4. The High Road – Broken Bells

3. The Orchard – Ra Ra Riot

2. Expo 86 – Wolf Parade

1. Brothers – The Black Keys

Favorite LIVE albums?
2. Live in DC – The White Rabbits

1. Live, Volume 3 – The Avett Brothers

Runners Up in no particular order….
Infinite Arms – Band of Horses
The Age of Adz – Sufjan Stevens
Fang Island – Fang Island
Phosphene Dream – The Black Angels
The Grand Theatre Volume One – The Old 97’s
Genuine Negro Jig – Carolina Chocolate Drops

Happy New Years, everyone!!!!

*Disclaimer: I *may* not have had a chance to HEAR your favorite album. This is (perhaps) the reason for omission. Though, perhaps not. The world will never know…

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