We Are Wisconsin

Fone quick moment…

Let’s say I’m running a business. Then, some years down the road, let’s say that I’d like to end negatiations with my workforce so that I may give more money to my investors. Let’s say that you worked for me, and you WERE happy until your ability to cover your mortgage payment; your credit card payment; your goddamned college loan payments, which all rested on the shoulders of you being able to make your budget work for your family every month (as is the case for so many Americans), became the collateral damage of my political payback.

How would you feel about that? Would you be upset? Would it upset you to see your friends and neighbors face the same fate due to trickle-down economics? I bet you’d call bullshit. I bet if it were your mother she wouldn’t be a “whiner.” I’m thinkin that if it were your brother, you’d stand beside him.

These people standing up are NOT an enemy, and they are NOT over-reacting. These are PEOPLE. These are teachers – your CHILDREN’S teachers. The rights that they are fighting for have ALREADY been fought for. These are acccepted truths in the great state of Wisconsin, and we need to stand together and remember that it is the people who hold the power. If we don’t stand up for one another, who will? “Wisconsin, Open for Business?”

Perhaps we ought to change that to read, “Wisconsin, We Work Together.”
The people are ready to talk. The question that remains: is the Governor?

we work together


  1. Ben Hoffman · February 19, 2011

    Good people all over the country should stand in solidarity with the protesters in Wisconsin. This is not just about them. It’s about the future of America.

  2. Joey · February 19, 2011

    Well said! This is beyond party lines and borders. It affects us all. I’m glad to see the people of Wisconsin, and Ohio, Florida and New Jersey starting to talk back to corporate control and oppression. Power to the people!

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