Money Isn’t Everything

For the love of god….Public sector workers ARE taxpayers TOO. Seriously…this “us vs. them” bullshit has got to stop. And how is it that we (as a STATE) can afford $140 million in tax breaks but NOT afford (for another week, it seems – long enough to at least discuss what we’re talking about) to pay workers a decent wage? This is NOT an emergency.

All of my public-sector family and friends make less than their public sector counterparts. ALL OF THEM. Yes, they enjoy better benefits as a trade-off, and YES…they could try and find other jobs if they’re not satisfied with what Walker is proposing. But don’t try saying that they haven’t felt the pinch of this recession. My father hasn’t had a raise in over THREE years, meanwhile being forced to take more and more unpaid “holidays” (READ: furloughs). And that’s just the beginning…

But this is hardly the point. Workers can unionize and collectively bargain for better everything (thank Gov Nelson in the 50’s), just as the rest of us do. Even if you argued that the right to collectively bargain was a bad idea for the public sector, you HAVE to ask yourself what type of person you want filling these positions. Make these jobs unattractive enough, and the State will not have the capacity to employ a higher caliber workforce – one which serves to perpetuate originality, innovation, brilliance, creativity…these, the very things that ameliorate living and working conditions throughout Wisconsin.

Our public-sector friends and family and neighbors are NOT looking to rip you off! They’re passionate about what they do. They are caring, like-minded individuals who plow your streets, teach you…and/or your children, protect your environment, help you when you’re in danger, or sick…or dying. They’ll accept pay/benefit cuts if they are in the best interest of the state. Would YOU!?

We all need to work together if we hope to stand a chance at surviving the next 100 years. Seriously. Let the idiot pundits yap. Let the uneducated masses regurgitate what they heard their idiot friends regurgitate, and let those stupid enough to allow others to do their thinking for them be led to whatever end clearly best suits those at the podium, and those who paid for the podium.

Let the rest of us be KIND. RESPECTFUL. REASONABLE. THOUGHTFUL. Fucking NICE, for a change.

Sorry for swearing.

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