my favorite flickr models…

Flickr is AWESOME. Piles and piles of amazing art…a never-ending jackpot of all things visual. Amazing landscapes, great moments in history, adorable families snapshots….and beautiful models.

Here are a couple of my favorites:
#4 – Guilia
Such a seemingly COOL model captured wonderfully by a talented photographer.

In the Backyard
Signorina G con Vino

#3 – Imogen

#2 – Sarah
Bein family certainly helps Sarah make the list…(she’s around a lot, so I get to photograph her often)…but that’s not the only reason; she’s also very pretty and puts up with my shit pretty damn well.

sarah hard at work
auntie rahahahaha
the sarah
this is sarah. version two.

#1 – Elizabeth
best.model.ever. My muse. My love. My wife. My life.

beautiful in red
beauty and the beach
all smiles round here
my beauty
this is elizabeth
show quality
my darling.
looking for answers
the beauty


  1. Sarah · August 29, 2011

    Well color me flattered.

    • ryanwiz · August 29, 2011

      Always better than creeped 😉

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