The Crunch

First, some backstory:
During a trip to Target a while back, Oliver spotted an “old friend.” This old friend was, in fact, a stuffed Zebra named Crunchy, and Oliver explained that he and this zebra had been separated for a very long time, all the while searching for one another and dreaming of an eventual reunion. It was on this day that a child’s adlib tale of love lost won the day as they were at long last reunited and have remained conjoined ever since.

crunchy pickles

This brings us to today:
Oliver asks Lizz to take a picture of Crunchy, so she obliged.
He looks at the photo and exclaims, “WOW! That’s a great picture of The Crunch!”
Lizz asks, “The Crunch?”
Oliver flatly replies, “Yeah, The Crunch.”

He’s making nicknames for his stuffed animals now. Not only that, but these are nicknames which we are apparently prohibited to use. Only he and Crunchy may refer to one another as such.

I’m not sure about this whole “school” thing.

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