Top Ten Horror Movies – The 1980’s

10 – Gremlins

9 – The Shining

8 – The Thing

7 – Poltergeist

6 – Pet Sematary

5 – Creepshow

4 – Aliens

3 – Friday the 13th Parts 1-4

Can’t pick just one. These have everything. I still can’t go out on a boat without picturing Jason climbin aboard to drag me under. I’d call that a win.

2 – A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 – The Dream Warriors

If I had to pick just one NOES…this would be it. The Dream Warriors was my first experience with Freddy, and, therefore, the most indelible. From the creepy nursery ryhme (“Seven, eight, better stay up late. Nine, ten, never sleep again…”) to the fact that we’re not even safe in our freakin beds, A Nightmare on Elm Street brings introduced me to one of the best horror film characters ever made, and continued to pave the way for some more good (and not-so-good) sequels.

“I said, “Where’s the fucking bourbon!?”

1 – The Return of the Living Dead


This movie has EVERYTHING. Zombies, nudity, a great soundtrack, a cemetary…..nudity…
Don Calfa is AMAZING as the nazi mortician and Tarman is probably the best zombie ever put on film. The scene where he’s coming up the stairs after the girl in the basement made me afraid of the basement steps for a long….er…ah hell, I’m STILL afraid of the basement steps.

Honorable mentions:

    From Beyond
    The Blob
    The Gate
    Night of the Demons

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