Top Ten Horror Movies – The 2000’s

Please bare in mind that I have yet to see a few flicks that seem to make everyone’s top ten for this decade. Examples: [rec], Martyrs…

10 – 1408

9 – Shadow of the Vampire

8 – The Crazies

7 – Insidious

6 – 28 Days Later…

5 – Trick ‘r Treat
Becoming a classic for me…

4 – Slither
Hilariously awesome. Great effects and cast.

3 – Shaun of the Dead

2 – The Mist
This one is great every.single.time I watch it. Damn fine short story as well. And, for the record, I LOVE what Darabont did with the ending.

1 – The Descent

Claustrophobia much? Saw this in the theatre and actually jumped out of my seat on a few occasions. Fantastic horror flick; great cast, great setting. LOVE IT.

Honorable Mentions: (SO MANY great horror films from this decade!)

    Pan’s Labyrinth (iffy on this bein a horror film, otherwise it’d have taken top spot)
    The Cell (again…maybe not a horror?)
    Frailty (horror?)
    Open Water (horror?)
    28 Weeks Later
    The Ruins
    What Lies Beneath
    Let the Right One In (2008)
    Drag Me to Hell
    The House of the Devil
    The Strangers
    The Exorcism of Emily Rose
    Final Destination
    The Others
    Pitch Black
    Cabin Fever
    Ginger Snaps


  1. kiwi · November 1, 2012

    Should include Paranormal Activity somewhere. Definitely a spine tingler.

    • ryanwiz · November 1, 2012

      I feel like that series works better as just that, a series. I’ve enjoyed each installment more than the one before, but each flick on it’s own? Not sure…

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