Be The Change

Next on the docket: Gun safety.

Let’s say for argument sake that guns and clips and magazines and WMDs of all shapes and sizes remain completely legal (cause they probably will). Should owners of these weapons be required to keep them secured? Like, by law? As in…fined if they (“oops!”) forget to be responsible?

If Nancy Lanza had locked her guns we may be talking shit about music and movies right now, but no…she warned her babysitter to beware the son but left her BUSHMASTER out for play-dates.

When I turned 13 I took hunter safety. I learned many things in that course, but three rules stand out; the three rules of firearms safety. Can you recite them?

  1. Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction.
  2. Always keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot.
  3. Always keep your gun unloaded until it’s ready to be used.

Other rules I can recall:

  • Know your target and beyond.
  • Treat every weapon as if it were loaded.

Do you want people to break into your home and steal your guns? Do you want CHILDREN to find your guns and play with them?

Guns exist. No amount of legislation will change that fact. Why not educate ourselves instead of cowering in fear? We should learn the basics of firearms safety. We should learn to RESPECT weapons so as to not have to bow down to them.

The NRA is not the enemy. Ignorance is. The NRA is but a powerful lobby composed of PEOPLE. Sway the opinion of the people and we dismantle the power of the organization. The more we respect each other and the knowledge we can share with one another while respecting the rights of the law-abiding while using some goddamned common sense…the closer we can get to fixing this thing.

Like it or not, guns have their place in our history, our current culture and our nation’s future. We don’t need them gone…we just need responsible ownership. Both sides of this debate need to grow up and think past the bullshit. To that end I offer the following:

  • Responsible legislation: No citizen needs 10-30 round magazines. If you think you can take on the king of England with a basement filled with that shit, let me know how it works out for ya. And PLEASE turn off Doomsday Preppers.
  • Responsible ownership: Lock up your damned weapons. Kids do stupid shit (remember all the shit you did when you were a kid?)…don’t let your kid do something rash with YOUR toys because you were afraid some other kid might break into your bungalow. Buy a freakin taser and if you sleep with a gun under your pillow, turn off the damn TV (and AM radio) for a bit and take a walk.
  • Responsible media: Let these assholes disappear I shouldn’t have known ANY of their names. See my previous post about this…or don’t….just know that knowing them (while not being a professional who knows what the hell they’re doing with psych information) accomplishes NOTHING. Let them VANISH. We want the info…but PLEASE stop the glamorization.
  • Responsible healthcare: We’re a diseased society. Every single one of us knows someone in trouble, someone in need of care. Why are we not there for them? Why don’t we seem to care while letting them drift away from us into oblivion at best…commit atrocities at worst? There are a lot of reasons behind the disease…but not much hope for those who suffer. We need to stop hiding, start talking and we need to START LISTENING.

    Note: That minority down the block is NOT trying to steal from you (unless he/she is…but then seriously, I’m just as suspect of you….) by “mooching” off the government when their kid needs insulin. It’s not an “entitlement” issue….it’s a SOCIETAL issue. These people are your neighbors, friends, coworkers, landlords, bookies, whatevers. The moment we start realizing that we are all together in this is the moment we can all REMEMBER that we we never know when we may be forced to ask for help. We never know when our ship may begin to take on water….

And that’s where we are. America’s not very old…but it’s been showing signs of wear for quite some time. These are old issues bur we’re reminded of them because someone didn’t ask for help, wasn’t offered help, didn’t have access to help; someone didn’t lock their guns; someone didn’t ban these ridiculous magazines that offer convenience to sportsmen and killers alike…while offering no shot in hell to the innocent unarmed masses.

to the island

We’re having this discussion because we’re done sitting on our goddamned hands and we’re ready to CHANGE. Or, at least…I’m REALLY hoping we are…our children depend on it.

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