At The Grocery

Went to the grocery tonight. Left work early hoping to beat others that would undoubtedly be rushing the aisles to stock up on the essentials (Read: booze, candy) before tomorrow’s snowstorm of the century.

So much for my plan, as every damned other Madisonian was thinkin the same damned thing. No bother – got what I needed (save the vegetable oil…and I read it on the list like five times) and got out of there.

Now, I hear ya…none of this is interesting. EXCEPT… people were NICE.

I have NEVER been in a more crowded grocery store and people were courteous, kind, peaceful and some were even smiling. Sure, it may have been because everything has been declared closed tomorrow. Schools, banks, and…other shit I can’t think of…all closed!

People may have been jolly about that, but I care not. I was simply IMPRESSED by my neighbors this afternoon. It’s nice to feel that way once in a while, don’t you think? I love this city, love the people in it, and I’m damn proud to call myself a Madisonian.

Stay classy, Madison.

saturday morning.

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