I Am The Idiot.

Hey, I get it. You feel passionate about your position on guns, gun rights, gun violence, et al. Hell, don’t we ALL feel strongly about something?

That said…there’s really no need for the condescending tone. There’s no reason to stoop to name-calling, let alone dick-measuring. There’s no need to make so abundantly clear how little you think of your opponent. They’re probably NOT crazy, nor are they necessarily as dumb as you think they are.

I mean…come on. If we’re going to have a meaningful discussion (about anything ); if we’re going to come to a consensus and get something done; if we’re going to put in place the changes that are so obviously required (if only for the sake of the safety of our children)….we need to question our OWN beliefs and ask ourselves if it is not WE who are wrong.

Perhaps, I am the idiot? Maybe I’m the one who hasn’t thought this through? Could I be completely out of line? What if I really don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about?

Maybe that person across the table is really onto something. Maybe I should listen. And maybe, just maybe…I’ll LEARN something.

Now…go ahead. I’m listening.

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