Racecars in the Red

So the NRA has a plan! A database keeping tabs on folks with mental health issues. Problem solved, right?

Just think…you get anxious or depressed for a spell, and YOU TOO can be branded with a big letter “C“. Yeah, that’s not an offensive idea at all.

What most folks don’t seem to realize: we’re all just one flipped lid away from madness. ALL OF US. We humans constantly teeter on the edge, laden with stress and debt and anger and despair and sadness and the next time you lose your cool, whammo….you’ll be branded.

Which is a good thing, right? Because, obviously, you’ll then be more likely to commit a crime. Because “crazy” people are all obviously criminals.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

Too bad such DBs already exist. From the article:

The Gun Control Act of 1968 prohibits gun sales to individuals who have been committed to a mental institution or “adjudicated as a mental defective.”

“The federal law pretty much says that anyone who has been involuntarily committed or anyone who has been determined by a court to be a danger to themselves or others, those two categories are prohibited from possessing firearms,” says Lindsay Nichols, an attorney with the Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Too bad we’re all a little crazy, no matter what we’d like to have people believe. Too bad our supposedly sane relatives and roommates (who CAN legally purchase firearms) can still leave them in the kitchen corner despite what alarms our branded chests may be triggering.

Too bad we’re all juuuuust fine, until we’re not. I ask you, whom among us is to be trusted?
Remember…to be afraid.

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