Sometimes a new year begins in a swamp

Year after year it seems to mean less, but year after year…I build these stupid.little.lists. New Years means so much and so little…to all of us fine folks, so very different people.

What do YOU do when the countdown’s begun? Sometimes…

We rock out to PHiSH, get lost, get dirty. With 85 thousand friends, we build a new drum circle city.
bluegrass in big cypress

city in the swamp

Once in a while a cold PBR’s what’s required; a few close friends and some WU, rockin out til we’re tired.
good new years friends

Holiday in the Park

i loves these vimmen

Other year’s we see it’s gotta be moe.; So we join a few friends, down in ol’ Chicago.

our moe.years.eve. group

Then there’s the year where we wore so little at all. Drank our drinks and we smiled while they dropped that big ball.
new years girls

new years at dan's

new years @ Dan's

One time we decided to just sit around; holding babies and hands while we sang the countdown.
the girls and the babies

have baby, need camera

Sometimes it’s quiet and after some nog, it’s my camera alone, in the cold winter fog.
happy new year

What does your New years mean to YOU? Do you vow to make that change, or do you simply not bother? Do you stay up and watch the clock with Carson Daly out West and Dick Clark/Ryan Seacrest in Times Square? Do you almost leap from the balcony ala Forrest Gump, or is it lights out at 10 in preparation for your daily morning run?

Does it mean NOTHING? Or does it symbolize everything? What does each year mean to you? Does a year’s end help you compartmentalize everything into tidy little boxes?

Do you even remember the year you ended in the swamp?
Was it a good year, a laugh…a jolly good romp?

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