A Moment Of Weakness

Had a food-shoot this morning. Local paper, local breakfast food, great building/location on the UW-Madison campus. Problem was, this meal wasn’t vegan. Not even close. Now, and I’m sure this what you’re asking yourself, did I sample the product?

I did. But come on…I’ve never really been the exemplification of self-control, now have I?

That day hurt.

BUT: Three strips of bacon were served, and I ate only one. A healthy serving of eggs filled one side of the plate, and I downed only fifty percent of the delicious scrambled awesomeness. The potato pancakes were tasty…but I only had a few bites.

All told, I ingested but one-quarter of that non-vegan contraband breakfast.

Do I feel guilty? Not really. Do I feel like I ate a five-gallon bucket of fat-laden animal parts and ground-up byproducts? Absolutely. Do I feel heavy, tired and bathed in a veneer of glutinous lard? Yep.

Am I back on the wagon?


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