Parental Reflection

Sometimes it’s a breeze. Usually, it’s not.

I mean, we used to sleep, we used to nap, we used to do all sorts of wild and crazy things that seemed all too normal and lackadaisical to us then and are obvious completely wild and absolutely crazy to us now.

These are things we wouldn’t want our children doing. Ever.

And so…we are now left to cherish the good days and try to forget the bad, save these amazing little moments where these little people we’re shaping into functional humans (somehow, hopefully) actually resemble something we can identify with throughout this artistic process. These kids actually sometimes look like US…while we’re trying to deal with THEM.

I call these moments: Parental Reflection.

Here are a few from one fine recent February Day. Enjoy!

super oliver

Henry Shares His Feelings.

the elliot


Henry in Hiding.


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