When “Unnecessary” Becomes “Necessary”

The Wisconsin Assembly passed the new mining bill 58-39 today following nearly nine-and-a-half hours of debate. The Senate passed it last week…and soon, nearly two years of Republican brainwashing will change the way the mining industry works in the state with a miner on it’s flag.

wisconsin state capitol

Apparently, if you want something done…you simply write the law yourself.

Hey, I know we were bred and buttered on industry and I know that our hands are covered in soot and soil…but if you expect me to believe that this is all been done in the name of a pile of jobs (that MIGHT go to WI residents), then you’re an asshole. Ask Walker about the Madison-Milwaukee rail corridor and about the jobs he SWORE we wouldn’t see if federal funds were used to enrich that area.

West Virginia was DECIMATED in the early part of this century as a result of this same type of shallow thinking; as if we are powerless to both preserve AND effect the world in which we live. Blow the shit out of a mountain and it WILL NOT be returned to the pristine condition it was in when our greedy feet stepped foot on it. Northern Wisconsin has ALREADY suffered so much. To that end, the Right would argue that Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa should shut their mouths lest they be called out on their own ecological fumblings, as if only perfection can call foul.

Hey, we’re all adults here, let’s not be assholes too. Just because they have their own shit they’re dealing with, doesn’t mean we can all go marching on up there and play house until their property’s been destroyed. Doesn’t work like that.

And yeah, I hear ya…I use steel. I use oil. I like fancy things. I’m a shitty person who wants a cheaper flat-screen and I LOVE Whopper Juniors. I’m no saint and I’m not so removed from reality that I’d tell you that I’m not part of the problem. Hell, if myself and all other residents moved from this state, it’d have the BEST chance of marching into the next hundred years beautiful and rich, right? But because that’s never going to happen, we need to find a BALANCE. All of us.

Gogebic Taconite has sought our resources for some time. Why do you suppose that is?
BECAUSE THEY’RE HERE. Not because they want to help out the laid off folks up north, but because they’re a business. They see profit. And, who can blame em? The thing is, the ore isn’t going anywhere. It’s been here for a LONG time. What’s the damned rush? A job is temporary. Our land and how we treat it, that’s FOREVER. Our children and their children will be here for a long time after us. Do we care about them at all? Do we care about this state of ours? Do we really not see through the bullshit?

Proponents argue that this bill won’t effect environmental standards when this is OBVIOUSLY not the truth. Per Jessica VanEgreren’s recent article in the Capital Times, this bill “specifically changes the wording of existing state permitting law from ‘significant adverse affects (to wetlands) are presumed to be unnecessary’ to ‘significant adverse affects are presumed to be necessary.'” Further, Sen. Tom Tiffany (R-Hazelhurst) argues that they are “‘simply being honest. There will be some impacts but they will be limited. Changing the word “unnecessary” to “necessary” lets the judge know it was the Legislature’s intent that there will be some adverse impacts.'”

Riiiiiight. They’re, “just being honest.”

My father taught me to take a step back and look at the big picture and that honesty was always the best policy. It’s seems obvious to me that this is all some absolute HOGWASH, but hey, I could be completely off-base. I’ve been wrong before. What’s the worst that could happen?

be yourself.

I’m sure we could cut open a swath of the wilderness 4.5-22 miles long and see no affects. And I’m sure that if you paid me enough, I’d shake your hand and swear on a Bible.

Yay, progress. Yay, truth.

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