A Plant-based Wisniewski: The Follow-up

Been a while since we tried the whole vegan thing, figured I’d let you know how it all played out. Outside of a few slip-ups (work-related and excused, IMO), we went a solid month living on a plant-based diet.

(shameless plug)

There were a few days there where I got nervous that I was not getting enough protein (a lot of time was spent googling the matter), but we were fine. For example, I eat avocado and nuts every day, among other swell substitutes. We didn’t have any adverse reactions, issues, or anything that would keep us from trying the diet again.

In short, we cut out the shit, and simply ate BETTER. Hell, I hit up menu items I would have NEVER tried before; some really great stuff, too.

We felt better, lost weight (I lost five pounds in the first week that I’ve since gained back – no problem there) and felt better about what we were putting into our bodies and how we were connecting with the world around us.

In the process we discovered that our son’s eczema is directly caused by a dairy-allergy. Once Lizz cut out the dairy, his skin cleared right up. When we started hittin’ the ice cream again, we had a poor little itchy Henry on our hands. It was fantastic to finally get that mystery cleared up. That little guy deserves as much comfort and happiness we can give him in this world. What a victory that was.

This wasn’t hippie-dippie shit, this was a real experiment. An experiment that tested our ability to survive while employing a different model; one that pushed our limits while we witnessed how perceptions from those around us play into our diet and the choices we make every single day.

If you’re on the fence, or even if you think you’d never be able to pull it off, check out “Forks Over Knives” and “Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead.” People amaze themselves every day. No reason you shouldn’t be one of the amazed.

I’m tired of waiting for necessity to force my hand. I’m tired of feeling ten years older than I am. I’m tired…of being tired. Let’s take charge of our lives. Let’s do now what we’ll wish we had done ten years ago ten years from now. I would TOTALLY go vegan again for April. Who’s up to the challenge?

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