All-in-all…a pretty damn good year.

Over the last twelve months I’ve missed a lot of old friends a whole heck of lot more than I’ve seen ’em and I’ve failed to make as many new friends as I’d have liked to. However, the connections I did make were certainly memorable ones.

We finally got to know our neighbors who turned out to be more amazing than anyone could have ever hoped for. Seriously, all FOUR households are filled with some pretty amazing folks. We’re so damned lucky to be surrounded by such fun and caring families.

On the photography side, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting and working with a few of the terrific folks and organizations that make Madison’s arts and communications community such a wonderfully vibrant and inspiring place for creation and expression (Focal Flame Photography, The Isthmus, The Greater Madison Convention and Visitors Bureau). We had pretty fun first year for our new little business, while tackling numerous little fun event/portrait/misc jobs around southern Wisconsin and beyond.

Other highlights of 2013 include a couple of GREAT shows (Tame Impala, The Vaccines) and a couple fun parties at the Wisniewski Ranch (The Pursuit of Happiness, The Fall Festival).


Here’s to all the adventures, challenges and growth that lie ahead in the coming year. In it I hope to get out more to see everyone, but in the meantime…I raise my glass to you and yours and wish you all a 2014 filled with peace and love.

Here’s to living for ones loved ones. Here’s to Elizabeth, here’s to boys. I’m nothing without them in any year.

Big love in 2014,

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