Oliver and Crunchy


“I was first born in 1886, before I was in your tummy. It was my first life. That’s why I like Crunchy so much. That’s when I first met him. I was a little kid and I got him and we were best friends. We played with trucks a lot.

In 1926 things began to get bad. A man in a red coat came and took Crunchy and that’s when we got separated. We searched for each other, but things were bad. Buildings were in pieces and all rocky, and even the president’s house was not okay. It was ruined.

I remember the next war started in 1968. That was a bad time. Then I got born on November 20th and when I was four I finally found Crunchy again, and it was one of the happiest days of my life.”

(Oliver Michael Wisniewski, as told to Mama on 05.21.2014)

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