A Quantum Leap

Had a strange dream last night where I had traveled back in time to July 21st, 1994. No idea why I landed on that date, but there I was, somewhere in Belleville and it struck me that given my knowledge of future events, I might be able pull a Sam Beckett and change something for the better. Unfortunately, everything I thought up at a local level and relative to that time-frame seemed too risky. After all, we certainly wouldn’t want to end up with Biff Tannen as mayor or something.

Eventually the dream progressed and I ended up boarding a school bus for some reason. As I climbed the steps and looked up, I found a youthful and smiling Jeremay Buol behind the wheel.

“Hey, Buol!”
“Hey, man.”

A truly deep conversation for a pair of truly sophisticated teenagers.

Dreams are weird. Good to see Buol again, though.


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