Javon Johnson – Cuz He’s Black

No matter your feelings on why things are as they are in this society; no matter your thoughts on why this issue persists and looks so much like it did some fifty years ago when young people marched in the streets holding identical signs; no matter your position on the grand jury’s decision…this is a very REAL thing that little boys shouldn’t have to worry about.

My little boys worry about Christmas gifts and roller skates for stuffed animals and ask as many questions as any child traveling through this part of their life where everything shines brighter, looms larger, and is way more confusing than anything will ever be at any other time. My children think about games and TV shows and matchbox cars and the exact order of the US Presidents (Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States).

To my kids, police officers are peacekeepers; caring men and women that will protect and fight for them. They are who we teach them to go to when they can’t find us. They are here to help.

But we also teach our children to respect them. To respect adults and to be safe and to always do the right thing.

That said, no matter what we teach our children, they’ll always have a leg up over this man’s nephew. This huge advantage so easily ignored by those who bathe in it daily; so easily forgotten when we all seem to know what happened because we read it somewhere, heard it from some guy, or saw it on the news.

We’re all victims of circumstance, what we do after that is up to us. Of course, (and I continue to remind myself of this fact) it is damn easy for me to believe such things – a white man from Wisconsin born to a middle class family in an economically vibrant city.

Hard to judge from such lofty heights, don’t ya think?

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