The Best Music of <= 2014

In a disappointing year replete with loss and reflection, it’s no surprise that my annual year-end list should…well, suck. With the crap that 2014 dealt, I ended up spending way more time diggin through the classics from the glory that was the 1990’s than I did trying to discover what was fresh and new. As a result, my opinion of what I DID encounter and took time to dissect is pretty damn low.

Either there wasn’t that much great stuff, or I’m just growing old and lazy. You be the judge. Here’s what I was able to get my head around:

The Greats:

The Okays:

The Disappointments:

  • Beck – Morning Phase
  • PHiSH – Fuego
  • Vacationer – Relief
  • Tennis – Ritual in Repeat
  • alt-J – This Is All Yours

The Discoveries: (some from 2014, some much earlier)

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