Happy Valentine’s Day

What are you planning for your love this year? Flowers? Jewels? A summons? Whatever your intent, I urge you to follow my lead with something.

How’s about we forget the whole damned day even happened. We act like it’s importance hadn’t even begun to cross our minds and we apologize. We tell our loves that we “didn’t know that this date meant so much.”

That we didn’t know our love knew such bounds. We continue and ask what they expected. We ask why they expected it.

Ask your love if you could each – for the upcoming year – treat every day with that aforementioned expectation. How about you ask one another if you can place an equitable focus on whatever the hell it was that brought you two together in the first place. For an added bonus, could this be done without spending a cent?

Little things…

Those nothings we all take for granted. The litter box. The dishes. The dog walking or money laundering. These things get done and you don’t even notice.

This is your moment to say, “Hey, I know that you do this for US. I know, because it’s important to us, and I appreciate it. Here, how about you get a break for a bit.”

I implore you (and I shall do my best to take the lead):

DO NOT buy some overpriced bushel of nonsense this heartwarming holiday.

DO NOT buy something new and shimmering and sparkly, mined by one-armed children in some distant war-torn land you clearly give no shits about.

DO act sensible. BE considerate. Be thoughtful and pick some aging wildflowers (with permission) or, better yet, GROW something for your love. Show he or she that you’re in it for the long-haul and that not only are you willing to save a few dollars for the good of the family (that’s some bullshit markup, at V-Day, no doubt), but you know that their love isn’t just worth an Outlook reminder. It’s clear to you that this love is so much more than some repetitious wasteful requirement or incidentally upsetting aside to the florist…ruining your record-breaking commute.

In fact, it’s worth SO MUCH MORE.

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