Making a Murderer


Wow. So good. If you haven’t yet seen it, watch it!

As someone who followed the news story more closely than some – we have a family property up in Two Rivers – this documentary really resonated with me.  What little faith I had in the criminal justice system (from the have-not’s perspective, especially) has been torn away and I’m left frustrated and, well, pissed off.


Here are my issues with the case against Avery:

  • Ex-boyfriend/roommate. Shady. Hacking her phone? And where are the missing messages? Never suspected? No alibi asked of him?
  • Mike Halbach “grief process”…
  • Where’s Theresa’s blood? None in the garage? Really? On or about that pile of junk in there? Or in the trailer bedroom…where her throat was supposedly cut?
  • No Avery prints in the Rav4, but blood?
  • Why did they use her Rav4 to move the body from the garage to the burn pile right next door?
  • Everyone’s changing stories: 3′ fire = 13′ fire.
  • It’s agreed that the Fassbender/Wiegert confession can’t be used in Avery’s trial, but then it’s used to convict Dassey.
  • Manitowoc County’s continued involvement in the case, even though they pretend otherwise.
  • Why didn’t they crush the Rav4?
  • Ken Kratz and Len Kachinsky and Gene Kusche. Yuck.
  • Sheriff dept video in the trailer: Michaelyn Culligan comments –  Avery wont be making the Wisconsin Law school luncheon before he’s even arrested; “We should take all those shoes in case we have any unsolved burglaries with foot impressions.”
  • Mike O’Kelly’s Dassey “confession” and “one branch” email.
  • Tampering of the Avery blood sample.
  • People’s disbelief re: the DNA evidence and exoneration in the 1985 case. WTF is that all about!?
  • The excused juror’s remarks about the 2-3 jurors with minds made up. The fact that going into deliberations there were seven who voted not guilty.
  • No Halbach DNA on the key!??
  • Kachinsky and O’Kelly working for the prosecution in the Avery case instead of FOR DASSEY.
  • The analytical chemist testimony: “I’m an analytical chemist. I don’t guess what’s in bottles” – unlike the other one who did just that.
  • The fact that the case was heard in Manitowoc County. Those are THEIR cops.
  • James Lenk and Andrew Colborn are there for ALL of if. As is Kenneth Peterson. About to be deposed and then…whamo! Conflict of interest doesn’t begin to cover it. Never mind the magically-appearing key and bullet or Colborn’s radio to verify the plate number.
  • And, again…where is the blood!?
  • EDIT: Forgot about Bobby Dassey and Scott Tadych.

Worst Quote:
“Reasonable doubt is for the innocent.” – Ken Kratz

Best Quote:
“All due respect to Counsel, the State is supposed to start every criminal case swimming upstream. And the strong current against which the State is supposed to be swimming is a presumption of innocence. That presumption of innocence has been eroded, if not eliminated, here by the specter of Brendan Dassey.”- Dean Strang


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