The Year Ahead

Let’s start out 2016 with some goals, shall we?

Last year we spied our dream home on Zillow and in a matter of weeks, somehow managed to turn our dated mid-century ranch into something beautiful; something that someone would actually want to buy. We busted our asses to make magic happen while aligning a thousand moving pieces in order to end up at that closing table in May, and damn…I’m amazed every day.

That’ll be tough to beat in 2016. But, fuck it….let’s give it a whirl.

This list won’t include the obvious goals:

  • Be happy, healthy, and kind
  • Be a good husband and father
  • Read more, see more, learn more
  • Floss
These are mostly personal goals; things on my bucket list.  Me with a sense of accomplishment is a lot more fun to be around than me with not a goddamn thing to show for anything so the family will benefit by proxy if not directly involved.

  1. Write a short story.
  2. That is, come up with an idea, write it down, finish it…and NOT throw it away.

  3. Complete a short film with the boys.
  4. Even if it’s five minutes long staring toilet paper tube puppets. Let’s do this thing.

  5. Start making music again.
  6. Play guitar for at least 30 minutes a week. Start there. Get hooked. Get the boys hooked. Build a band. Even if we never finish a song.

  7. Get caught up on photo editing.
  8. I still have piles of shots from 2012 to get through. Gonna need a few sprints of laser-focus and strong drink.

  9. Complete quotation application.
  10. The whole thing. Get it out on Azure or use Xamarin and get it in the App Store. Start to finish. Get it done.

What are you most proud of from 2015?
What are your goals for 2016?
2016 is gonna be a great year, I can just tell. Let’s see what we can do.



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